A new Hellboy actor has been named

A new Hellboy actor has been named
Photo by Paul Marshall (AKA Rally Tog) / Unsplash

A new comic book adaptation of Hellboy with the working title "Hellboy: The Hunchback" got the performer of the main role.  The demon from hell will play actor Jack Kesey, familiar to audiences with the role of Black Tom from the film "Deadpool 2". He has also starred in the sci-fi series "The Strain".
Recall that the star of the "Sons of Anarchy" series Ron Perlman first played Hellboy in Guillermo del Toro's 2004 feature film "Hellboy: Hero From Hell" and its 2008 sequel "Hellboy II: The Golden Army. And David Harbour, who played one of the lead roles in the series "Very Stranger Things", has taken on the character in the 2019 reboot, which flopped safely at the box office.
The new experiment is directed by Brian Taylor, best known as a member of the extreme directing team at Neveldine & Taylor, who directed action films Adrenaline and Ghost Rider 2. As previously revealed, the new version will differ from previous ones with a greater gravitational pull towards the horror genre.
The production schedule for the project has not yet been specified. It is also unclear whether the picture will be released in theaters or released on one of the digital platforms.What is the new Hellboy movie about?
Set in the rural Appalachian countryside of the 1950s, Hellboy and a rookie agent discover a small community inhabited by witches and led by a local devil with a threatening connection to Hellboy's past.