Adam Driver battles dinosaurs in '65' movie trailer

Adam Driver battles dinosaurs in '65' movie trailer
Photo by Huang Yingone / Unsplash

Star of the new Star Wars trilogy Adam Driver continues to surprise his fans, this time with a new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi movie called "65".
The actor plays a space pilot from the distant future named Millis, who makes an emergency landing on an unknown planet only to discover that it is Earth in the age of the dinosaurs. Millis later discovers another survivor of the crash, a girl named Koai. It is up to him to somehow get them both to safety on a planet inhabited by horrible monsters.
The film "65" - is the directorial debut of Scott Beck and Brian Woods, who gained recognition by working with John Krasinski on the thrillers in the Quiet Place series. The pair are clearly taking a big step forward with this project, which despite a modest budget, is a good rendering of both future technology and prehistoric animals.
The picture will be released on 17 March 2023, the same day as the DC Comics adaptation of Shazam 2! Fury of the Gods", so its box office success is still very much in doubt.