"Avatar 2 and Titanic are in the top three at the box office

"Avatar 2 and Titanic are in the top three at the box office
Photo by Corina Rainer / Unsplash

Two James Cameron films were in the top three at the U.S. box office last weekend. "Avatar 2: The Way of the Water" earned another seven million dollars, and "Titanic", once again returning to the screens, earned $6.3 million.
This placed them in second and third place respectively. It's worth noting that Avatar 2 had a distinct advantage as it is not yet available on platforms other than theatrical, while Titanic is available on streaming and digital media.
Recall also that both films are vying for a place in the top three highest-grossing film projects in history. For many years, "Titanic" ranked third, but in early February 2023 it lost to "Avatar 2" at the international box office, remaining in its position in the world. This may well change in the near future.
And the first place in North America with a small advantage was taken by the comedy "Super Mike: The Last Dance". It debuted with $8.2 million. And it was the weakest result of the franchise. The previous series of the project, which involved Channing Tatum, started with the results of 12.8 million dollars. The first one was even more successful with $39 million.
What are the highest-grossing movies?

  1. "Avatar (2.923 billion).
  2. "Avengers 5: The Finale (2.799 billion).
  3. "Titanic" (2.197 billion)
  4. "Avatar 2: The Way of the Water" (2.181 billion)