Avatar 2 movie trailer shown using advanced Chinese projectors

Avatar 2 movie trailer shown using advanced Chinese projectors
Photo by Robynne Hu / Unsplash

The makers of the sci-fi movie Avatar 2: The Path of Water showed the trailer at CineEurope using China Film Group's advanced CINITY projection system. According to eyewitnesses, they have never seen anything like this on their screens before.
"From what I've heard from people, they say it's unlike anything they've ever seen before, and we're very grateful to CINITY for allowing it to be presented this way today," commented John Landau, Oscar-winning producer of the Avatar film series.
Debuting in 2019, CINITY uses advanced projection technologies such as 4K, 3D, ultra-high brightness, high dynamic range, wide color gamut and high frame rate to make movies brighter and more immersive. Over the past three years, CINITY has installed its premium widescreen system in 70 theaters in China and continues to expand.
"We are pleased to partner with Disney Pictures to show the trailer of 'Avatar 2: The Way of the Water' in a new capacity at the most influential exhibition in Europe," said Frank Fu, founder of CINITY and vice chairman of China Film Group Corporation. CineEurope, held in Barcelona since 2012, is the longest-running in the film industry. Avatar 2: The Way of the Water" will be presented to audiences in different formats in December 2022.