Barbie's "weird" house was inspired by the house from Psycho

Barbie's "weird" house was inspired by the house from Psycho
Photo by Roman Vsugon / Unsplash

The designers took an idea from Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film
Not everything is as rosy in Barbieland as it may seem at first glance, and not all Dream Houses are the same. Warning, this post may contain spoilers.

In Barbie, the "stereotypical" Barbie (Margot Robbie) lives in Barbieland with the other Barbies, and they each have their own fantastic Dream Houses, but they aren't the only structures in the pink-coloured world. "Weird" Barbie (Kate McKinnon) also has her own house, the Weird House, which, as seen in the film's teasers and trailers, looks nothing like those pink and perfect Dream Houses. As it turns out, the Strange House was not only a favourite of the film's production designer Sarah Greenwood, but was also the result of inspiration from a very interesting source - the house from the famous horror film Psycho.

"One of my early references is that you go up the stairs and there's the Psycho house. And we brought in some other elements," Sarah Greenwood revealed in particular. - Its design was deliberately distorted, everything was shapeless and in disarray."

Weird Barbie's house
Although Barbie's (Kate McKinnon) "Weird" Dreamhouse has a quirky mid-century modern style, the Bates family home from Psycho, Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film, with its Victorian style inspired the designers' skewed staircase leading up to the door. And like the rest of Barbie's Dreamhouse, the Strange House had a pool, but it was sadly not shown. "There's a pool in front of the house and we had a shark at the bottom when we were preparing the layout," Sarah Greenwood admitted.