Batgirl will be shown to a select audience

Batgirl will be shown to a select audience
Photo by Studbee / Unsplash

While most viewers will never get a chance to see the "Batgirl" movie, which Warner Bros. canceled earlier this month, multiple Deadline sources have confirmed that Warners will host select screenings this week. The cast and crew working on "Batgirl," along with studio representatives and executives, are believed to have been invited to the screenings, which began Wednesday, August 24, and will run throughout the week.
"Batgirl" became a topic of discussion after the studio officially announced in early August 2022 that the movie comic would not be released in theaters or on HBO Max streaming. The news infuriated the industry when new Warner Bros. Discovery, David Zaslav said the move was made to cut costs as the company intends to make further cuts after the recent merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery.
Since Zaslav took over, the fate of "Batgirl" has befallen a number of television and feature-length projects, including the feature film "Wonder Twins," the animated series "Aquaman: King of Atlantis," "Uncle Grandpa" and "Infinity Train." The latest victim at the time of writing was the adaptation of the Stephen King novel "The Draw," which disappeared from the studio's release schedule and about which fate nothing is yet known.
Based on the DC Comics, the film starred Leslie Grace and was directed by Adil El Arby and Bilal Falla. Other key roles included Brendan Fraser (Firefly), J.K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon), Michael Keaton (Batman/Bruce Wayne) and other actors. The film was originally developed and produced with HBO's Max streaming service in mind, then the decision was made to release it theatrically, and later the comic book movie was shut down.