"Blade" movie is frozen because of the writers' strike

"Blade" movie is frozen because of the writers' strike
Photo by Jakob Rosen / Unsplash

The movie "Blade" is frozen because of the strike of the writersThe Marvel studio informed about the stoppage of production of the picture
The long-suffering film adaptation of Marvel comics "Blade" faces new obstacles, this time in the form of a strike of American screenwriters. The studio has officially notified those working on the project about the suspension of production for an indefinite period.

Previously, it was expected that filming would begin in Atlanta in June 2023, the new filming schedule will directly depend on the duration of the strike and its consequences. Note that just days before the strike began, True Detective anthology creator Nick Pizzolatto, was appointed as the new screenwriter for the project. He was tasked with editing the existing version.

Jan Demange was to direct, with Oscar winner Mahershala Ali slated to play the lead role. The participation of the popular actor in the new version of "Blade" was announced at Comic-Con back in 2019, but then the studio's plans were prevented by the coronavirus pandemic.

Note that most major Hollywood studios start shooting films only after the final approval of the scripts. As for Marvel, critical changes are often made already in the process of filming, which makes the studio particularly dependent on the uninterrupted work of screenwriters.

At the same time, the studio can afford to sign personal contracts with top screenwriters and pay them huge royalties.

When will the "Blade" movie be released?

The release date was previously announced by Marvel Studios - September 6, 2024. Whether another production delay will affect the release schedule is not yet known.