Chris Hemsworth talks about a promising return to the role of Thor

Chris Hemsworth talks about a promising return to the role of Thor
Photo by ANIRUDH / Unsplash

Marvel Universe star Chris Hemsworth hopes to continue playing the role of Thunder God Thor in other films from the studio, especially if they are directed by Taika Waititi. The actor said this while promoting the new film in the comic book movie series "Thor 4: Love and Thunder," which will have its world premiere on July 6, 2022.
"I'm going to do it until somebody says, 'Get off the set. I love it," said Hemsworth, who previously starred with Waititi in the previous Thor installment, Thor 3: Rangarek.
Thor is the only character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far to have four movies dedicated to him. Executive producer Brian Chapek recently uttered the following rather cryptic line about Thor: "Well, I'd say he's the only one to get four movies so far. It's not necessarily a hint, but it's not a limitation either."
Hemsworth explained fans' enduring love for his character by saying, "There's something adolescent about him, a sense of adventure. And some kind of funny immaturity," adding that those are the very appealing qualities inherent in Waititi. "Working with Waititi is something new, something fresh every time. And he's a dear friend of mine. And he, too, spreads around that sense of immaturity I was talking about, in the best possible sense."