Christopher Nolan has accused studios of misunderstanding the theatre experience

Christopher Nolan has accused studios of misunderstanding the theatre experience
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The director is confident in prioritising the theatre experience for audiences
Christopher Nolan, who has directed such films as Inception, Interstellar, Dunkirk, The Reason and The Dark Knight trilogy, has a reputation for providing audiences with immersive theatrical experiences, a trend he continues with his new film Oppenheimer. While the director usually has room for any cinematic experimentation, he noted in a recent interview that he has a problem with studios that misunderstand the theatrical experience and avoid acknowledging how many elements come together to create these adventures.

"Whether it's for budgetary reasons or for control reasons, studios now look at the script as a series of events and say, 'This is the essence of the film.' And that's completely contrary to the way cinema has evolved since the Lumière brothers' train pulled into the station, being a purely audio-visual experience," the director explained. - But it's a very popular misconception - sometimes among critics too, frankly - that all that matters is the scale of the story being told."

To prove his point, Christopher Nolan cited George Lucas and his Star Wars, noting that it wasn't just the story, but the ambitious effects that contributed to the films' incredible success. "You will be told that the success of Star Wars had nothing to do with its visual effects and everything to do with its remarkable story. It's obvious to me that's not true. It's a really great story, but it's also an incredible visual and aural experience. So it started this conscious denial of what the films are really about. People will say, "Why did you have to watch something like Sunshine of Mine - the acclaimed 2022 coming-of-age film by young British director Charlotte Wells - on the big screen?" Of course you had to. Yes, it's perfectly watchable on TV, but that's not the point."

Which studio did Christopher Nolan choose to direct "Oppenheimer"?
"Oppenheimer" marked the director's first collaboration with Universal Pictures, which uses IMAX and 70mm formats to ensure the most immersive experience possible.

The historical drama "Oppenheimer" will be released in wide release on 21 July 2023.