Colonel Quaritch will return in Avatar 2 as Recombineer

Colonel Quaritch will return in Avatar 2 as Recombineer
Photo by Luke Tanis / Unsplash

The main villain of the sci-fi movie "Avatar" Colonel Miles Quaritch will return to take revenge on the aborigines who killed him in the sequel titled "Avatar 2: The Way of the Water". However, he will be able to do so not in human form, but in form.
He is a new type of Avatar, which was created by the company RDA, with implanted personalities and memories of dead soldiers. According to John Landau, producer of the picture, this will be only "a small part of what awaits the native inhabitants of Pandora."
The Earthlings will build a new fortified city, packed with troops and factories to produce various weapons. which will be created using futuristic 3D printers. "They are returning with a new armada to recover the priceless property they lost. That's the level of the RDA," he noted.
Recall that in the first series, Colonel Quaritch convinces Jake Sully to become a spy to scout out weaknesses in the Aborigines' defense, but when he realizes that Sully has defected to the enemy, he makes an attempt to kill him. The role of Quaritch is played by actor Stephen Lang. He will appear in a new image in the second part.
Avatar 2: The Way of the Water" the audience will be able to estimate in the middle of December 2022.