"Constantine 2" sequel status confirmed

"Constantine 2" sequel status confirmed
Photo by Loren Cutler / Unsplash

"Constantine 2" movie has not been written off despite the fact that the sequel to the legendary 2005 "Constantine: Lord of Darkness" was not mentioned in the plans announced by new DC Studios executives James Gunn and Peter Safran and the rumors that arose in this regard. This statement was made by a representative of Warner Bros.
Recall that in September 2022, it became known that Keanu Reeves would reprise his role as detective occultist John Constantine in the sequel "Constantine 2", which will be directed by the original film's director Francis Lawrence.
After such projects as "Shazam 2! Fury of the Gods," "The Flash" and "Aquaman 2 and the Lost Realm," they will be followed by what James Gunn and Peter Safran called "Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters." This phase will begin with the animated series "Creature Commandos" and continue with a number of films, including the Superman prequel "Superman: Legacy" and the one based on the Batman comics "Brave and Daring." Among the TV series are "Lanterns," "Booster Gold" and "Paradise Lost."
It's unclear where "Constantine 2" has a place in these plans. It is worth noting that James Gunn has stated that there are more projects to be announced for "Chapter 1." It should also be said that Constantine exists in the same dystopian fantasy sector of the DC Universe as the Swamp Thing, who graced his own project in "Chapter 1." Anything beyond this basic list of DC Universe projects, including the upcoming Batman 2 sequel, will exist under the umbrella of Elseworlds.
John Constantine in Film and TV
Released in 2005, "Constantine: Lord of Darkness" was financially successful and has a loyal fanbase. In 2014, the series "Constantine" was made with Matt Ryan in the title role, which he periodically reprised in the series "Legends of Tomorrow." A gender-altered version of the character was played by Jenna-Louise Coleman in the Netflix series "The Sandman." J.J. Abrams previously developed the "Constantine" series for HBO Max as part of his deal with Warner Bros. Discovery, but reports from late last year indicated that the show would be offered to other networks.