Dakota Fanning Reveals Tom Cruise's Unique Birthday Gifts Every Year

Dakota Fanning Reveals Tom Cruise's Unique Birthday Gifts Every Year
Photo by Roberto Nickson / Unsplash

Tom Cruise, renowned for his generosity on movie sets, has continued to look after his on-screen daughter from the sci-fi thriller "War of the Worlds," Dakota Fanning, nearly two decades after the film's release. The now 30-year-old actress shared on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" that since the movie premiered in 2005, she receives a pair of shoes from Tom Cruise every year on her birthday.

"He sends me the same thing every year. As a child, I loved shoes, and during the press tour for 'War of the Worlds,' I was able to wear the smallest adult size shoes, and I was so happy. And since then, he always sends me shoes," Dakota Fanning said with a laugh. However, the very first birthday gift she received from Tom Cruise was a Motorola mobile phone. "I turned 11 during the filming of 'War of the Worlds,' and he gave me my first mobile phone—a Motorola Razr. I had no one to call, but I was obsessed with that phone and probably bored everyone talking about it, so Tom gifted it to me. It’s a very touching memory," admitted Dakota Fanning, whose career has evidently benefited from working with the Hollywood star.

Who Else Receives Gifts from Tom Cruise?

The star of the "Mission: Impossible" series is famously generous in Hollywood. Many actors who have worked with Tom Cruise boast about the famous coconut cake that he sends them on their birthdays. Among the lucky ones are Glen Powell, Angela Bassett, Rosie O'Donnell, and Tom Hanks. Kirsten Dunst, who starred with Cruise in "Interview with the Vampire," is doubly fortunate as she gets to enjoy the cake not only on her birthday but also on the birthday of her husband, Jesse Plemons, who starred with Tom Cruise in "American Made" in 2017.