Director Michael Bay accused of killing a pigeon in Italy

Director Michael Bay accused of killing a pigeon in Italy
Photo by michele marchesi / Unsplash

Famous Hollywood director Michael Bay has been charged in Italy for allegedly killing a pigeon during the filming of the 2019 action movie Ghost Six. The carrier pigeon was allegedly killed by a trolley while the film was being shot in Rome in 2018.
Pigeons are considered a protected species in Italy and the European Union, with the former having a national law against harming, killing or capturing any wild bird. As a result, after an unnamed man, who happened to be on the set, took a picture of the dead bird and reported the incident to local authorities, a case was filed.
It is alleged that Michael Bay as well as his legal team have tried three times to get the case dismissed in court, but this has so far failed. The director denies the allegations. "I am a known animal lover and participant in animal welfare programmes," Michael Bay commented. - No animals involved in this production were harmed. Or in any other production I have worked on in the last 30 years. We have clear video evidence, plenty of witnesses and security personnel to absolve us of these claims."
The Italian authorities have offered me to settle the matter by paying a fine but I have refused to do so because I would not have pleaded guilty to harming an animal," added the director.What is The Phantom Six about?
The plot centres on six of the world's richest people who fake their deaths to then team up to fight crime. Main production began on 30 July 2018 in Italy. The film was shot in Rome, Florence, Siena and Taranto. Filming was completed on 5 December 2018.