Disney+ is developing a new "Daredevil" series

Disney+ is developing a new "Daredevil" series
Photo by Kenrick Mills / Unsplash

A new "Daredevil" series is in development at Disney+. The creators of the crime thriller "Secret Liaisons" Matt Corman and Chris Ord have been tasked with writing the script and will also serve as executive producers.
Fans have been hoping for a new series about the popular superhero ever since the Netflix streaming series "Daredevil," starring Charlie Cox, was canceled in 2018 after three seasons. The recent appearances of Daredevil (Cox) in "Spider-Man 3: No Way Home" and his main adversary Kingpin (Vincent D'Onofrio) in the Disney+ series "Falcon Eye" have fueled the fire. The impetus for the upcoming project also came from the switch of all Netflix series based on Marvel comics, including "Daredevil," to Disney+.
Corman and Horde's recent TV projects include the NBC drama series "Enemy Inside" and "Daredevil," and The CW's "Quarantine," where they served as showrunners and executive producers.
Marvel Studios has not commented on projects in development.