Disney is using artificial intelligence for film production

Disney is using artificial intelligence for film production
Photo by Kin Li / Unsplash

The company has set up an expert group to study the prospects of using AI
Disney has formed a "task force" to explore the use of artificial intelligence in the production of upcoming film projects across all divisions.

Sources say the internal structure was set up ahead of this year's strikes in Hollywood in an attempt to bring cutting-edge technology into a fast-changing environment. Executives are convinced that the company must take advantage of artificial intelligence or it "risks falling behind."

Confirming Disney's seriousness of purpose were nearly a dozen new job postings on the corporate portal, which seeks those with "experience in artificial intelligence or a corporate-appropriate alternative. The job adverts are open in almost every area of Disney's business, from film studios to parks to advertising.

Although the Artificial Intelligence Prospects Research Group was formed before the strikes, its creation is now at odds with the interests of the unions, who are negotiating with the Producers' Alliance.

The latter wanted to be able to scan and digitally store images of supporting actors or create them using similar technology on a permanent basis.

Hollywood unions are against artificial intelligence
"This 'groundbreaking' artificial intelligence proposal that they've presented suggests that our performers could be scanned and they would be paid for one day's work and then the studio should own that scanned image, their images and be able to use them forever in any way they want without consent and without compensation," SAG-AFTRA negotiator Duncan Crabtree said earlier.