Doom: The Dark Ages Trailer Unveiled and Release Announced for 2025

Doom: The Dark Ages Trailer Unveiled and Release Announced for 2025
Photo by Jeff Finley / Unsplash

New Episode of the Legendary Gaming Franchise Set to Debut in 2025

At the recent Xbox Games Showcase, the highly anticipated game "Doom: The Dark Ages" was unveiled, positioning itself as a prequel to the previous episodes of the iconic "Doom" franchise. Fans of the series were thrilled with the announcement that they will be able to experience the new game in 2025.

It was revealed that "Doom: The Dark Ages" will not be a console exclusive, but will be available on Xbox Game Pass from day one. The game’s introductory narrative takes players back to the era preceding the heroic feats of the Doom Slayer on Mars, a time when he was considered a weapon of the Gods and kings.

The trailer for "Doom: The Dark Ages" features the Doom Slayer clad in a fur cloak, wielding a shield and a combination weapon. The footage showcased a parrying system using the shield, several new weapon types, and a familiar aesthetic that fans of the series will instantly recognize.

Development of the game spanned four years and was previously known under the codename Year Zero. Early reports suggested a medieval-inspired world, but the trailer clarifies that this is not the case.

This announcement comes amid previous criticism directed at Microsoft for closing several studios under the Bethesda banner, including Tango Gameworks, the developer of "The Evil Within," and Arkane Austin, known for "Dishonored" and "Prey."