"Emily in Paris" has been renewed for two seasons at once

"Emily in Paris" has been renewed for two seasons at once
Photo by Daniel Roe / Unsplash

The Emmy-nominated series "Emily in Paris" with Lily Collins has been extended for a third and fourth season at once. The second came out on Netflix last December 22 and topped the top 10 most watched projects in 94 countries. It was watched a total of 108 million hours in its first four days, so this decision comes as no surprise.
In the story, young American Emily is a social media promotion expert. When her boss cancels a year-long business trip to Paris because she's pregnant, Emily agrees to fill in for her and flies from Chicago to the French capital. But the city she has dreamed of visiting since childhood turns out to be extremely inhospitable: most Frenchmen don't speak English, and her colleagues laugh behind her back and insult her to her face, refusing to accept her modern ideas. Her only joys are a personal blog about life in Paris, flirting with a handsome neighbor and fresh croissants.
In the second season, Emily's life in Paris got better. She has become better at navigating the city, but still suffers from the French way of life. After being caught in a love triangle, Emily decides to concentrate on her work.
It is known that the new series will begin filming in Paris in the spring or summer of 2022, and the action will also move to other locations, including London.
All the actors will also return to their roles, and the series will again work Darren Star, best known for "Sex and the City". The release date of the new episodes has not yet been disclosed