Eva Longoria is ready for the reboot of Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria is ready for the reboot of Desperate Housewives
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Actress knows what Gabrielle Solis would do now
Eva Longoria, star of the legendary ABC series "Desperate Housewives," is one hundred percent sure what her character Gabrielle Solis could be doing in 2023. Participating in the promotion of her directorial debut, the biographical drama "Flamin' Hot," Eva Longoria said the charismatic Gabby, if the show were rebooted now, would be an opinion leader. "She would be a social media mogul," the actress stated.

Recalling attending the ABC series premiere in 2004, the actress admitted that she was sure the show wouldn't last one season. "I thought at the time, 'There's no way the show is going to renew. It's so unusual.' We weren't a comedy. We weren't a drama. I prayed at the time, 'I hope people understand that,' and apparently they did."

Given the fact that TV reboots are in vogue, Eva Longoria would not hesitate to agree to return to Wisteria Lane: "I would be the first person to sign up for a reboot. I miss Gabby so much."

Although the actress misses Gabby, she understands how much television and culture has changed since "Desperate Housewives" premiered nearly 20 years ago. "I belong to a generation that produced 24 episodes a year for a decade of our lives. We completely developed these characters. There was no one left on the street to sleep with. I slept with everybody. It got me thinking, "Uh, what do we do now?" - Twenty years ago we were saying something about ageism and saying something about what it meant to be a housewife, and it was shocking. There are a lot of things that we said and did that were groundbreaking, and I don't think it is now. It's become the norm now."

Is Mark Cherry ready to reboot "Desperate Housewives"?
Eva Longoria doesn't think a reboot is likely because show creator Mark Cherry isn't interested in returning to the world. "I've talked to him several times," she explained. - He doesn't feel there's a need for it right now, and for the very fact of the reboot, he wouldn't do it. He says, "What do I have to say about these characters that we haven't fully developed yet?"