"Fast & Furious 11 Faces Filming Delays, Likely Release Date Pushed to Late 2025, Reveals Tyrese Gibson"

"Fast & Furious 11 Faces Filming Delays, Likely Release Date Pushed to Late 2025, Reveals Tyrese Gibson"
Photo by Chris Liverani / Unsplash

The much-anticipated eleventh installment of the Fast & Furious franchise is facing significant filming delays, according to recent updates from one of the series' stars, Tyrese Gibson. Initially slated for an April 2025 release, Fast & Furious 11 now seems likely to be delayed, potentially affecting its planned premiere date.

During an interview with CBR, Gibson, who portrays Roman Pearce in the series, shared insights into the challenges the production has faced. The actor highlighted that the film, intended to be a continuation of last year's Fast X, is still in the preparatory stages with filming unlikely to commence until the beginning of 2025. This schedule shift almost guarantees a delay in the movie's release.

The setbacks are primarily attributed to the disruptive Hollywood strikes from the previous year, which Gibson noted had caused "some real delays in writing and kind of getting the film up on its feet." These strikes have had a cascading effect on the production timeline, pushing back various pre-production activities, including script finalization and location scouting.

Adding to the intrigue, Gibson mentioned that the upcoming film aims to elevate its narrative and thematic elements. He expressed excitement over the return of notable series alumni like Gal Gadot and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, suggesting a significant upping of the ante in terms of star power and possibly, story depth.

In another revealing tidbit, Jason Momoa, who plays the antagonist Dante Reyes, indicated in a discussion with Variety earlier this year that he had yet to see the sequel's script. Despite this, Momoa shared his enthusiasm about contributing ideas to his character's arc, emphasizing the fun of playing the villain role.

Interestingly, Gibson also hinted at a thematic realignment for the new movie, pointing towards a stronger focus on the street racing culture that originally defined the franchise. This shift comes in response to fan feedback, which has increasingly called for a return to the series' roots, moving away from the more grandiose and fantastical scenarios of recent films, such as space adventures.

"I know that fans over the years have been wanting to kind of ground the film and get back to more of the street racing and get away from being in outer space and all the other stuff," Gibson explained. He described the production team's efforts as being in the "basement" – deeply engaged in crafting a story that resonates more with the original ethos of the series.

The actor further elaborated that there's a concerted effort to listen to and incorporate fan feedback into the film's development, potentially adjusting the narrative to enhance the street racing elements that many long for. This approach could mark a pivotal shift in how the franchise is perceived, aiming to recapture the essence that made it a cultural phenomenon.

While the delay in filming and subsequent release might be disappointing news for fans eager to see the next chapter in the high-octane saga, the promise of returning to its foundational elements could reinvigorate interest and anticipation.

As of now, Fast X Part 2 remains officially set for an April 2025 release, though fans might have to brace for a later date. In the meantime, Fast X continues to be available across various platforms including Prime Video, iTunes, and the Microsoft Store, allowing enthusiasts to revisit the saga's recent developments while awaiting the next installment's arrival.