Gareth Edwards Set to Direct New 'Jurassic World' Film, Marking a Bold New Direction for the Franchise

Gareth Edwards Set to Direct New 'Jurassic World' Film, Marking a Bold New Direction for the Franchise
Photo by Chan Chai Kee / Unsplash

Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment have made a significant move in the cinematic world of dinosaurs and adventure by finalizing negotiations with Gareth Edwards, acclaimed director of "Rogue One," to take the helm of a new "Jurassic World" movie. This decision comes after discussions with David Leitch did not culminate in an agreement, propelling the studios to quickly secure a visionary director for the next installment in this blockbuster saga. The film is scheduled to premiere on July 2, 2025, reflecting the studios' swift actions to find a fitting director, with Edwards having spent the previous week in meetings with executives. His engagements with producers Steven Spielberg and Frank Marshall, pivotal figures in the franchise's inception in the 1990s, were fruitful, leading to an offer and the anticipation of pre-production activities commencing post-haste upon finalizing the deal.

This upcoming "Jurassic World" movie promises to offer audiences a novel perspective on the Jurassic era, distinct from its predecessors. Notably, the film will proceed without the return of Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, who were central to the recent "Jurassic World" series, as well as the beloved trio from the original trilogy: Jeff Goldblum, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill. The screenplay is penned by David Koepp, ensuring that the narrative foundation is in experienced hands.

The production will be overseen by a team of seasoned professionals, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer through Amblin Entertainment, and Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley producing via Kennedy-Marshall. Additionally, Sara Scott, Executive Vice President of Production Development, and Jacqueline Garell, Creative Executive of Production Development, will supervise the project on behalf of the studio, ensuring a collaborative effort aimed at bringing this new vision to life.

Gareth Edwards is no stranger to directing large-scale, high-profile films. His directorial prowess was showcased in the highly successful "Godzilla," produced by Legendary, which not only received critical acclaim but also spawned a new universe, including four sequels and the recent television series "Monarch," a collaboration between Legendary and Apple. Edwards' foray into the "Star Wars" universe with "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" further solidified his reputation, with the film achieving over a billion dollars in global box-office revenue.

His latest project, "The Creator," featuring John David Washington and Gemma Chan, was produced by 20th Century and New Regency, adding another notable entry to his filmography. Edwards' representation by Range, WME, and the Curtis Brown Group speaks to his esteemed position in the industry.

As the "Jurassic World" franchise prepares to embark on this exciting new chapter, fans and newcomers alike can look forward to a fresh and innovative take on a world that has captivated millions for decades. Under Gareth Edwards' direction, the legacy of Jurassic adventures is poised to evolve, promising thrilling escapades and awe-inspiring encounters with the ancient inhabitants of our planet.