Guillermo Del Toro to make another animated puppet film for Netflix

Guillermo Del Toro to make another animated puppet film for Netflix
Photo by Oscar Vargas / Unsplash

In anticipation of the 2023 Oscars, which will decide the fate of Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio fantasy in the best animated film category, Guillermo del Toro and Netflix are renewing their collaboration. The Mexican director, whose puppet Pinocchio has already won a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award, will shoot a new animated project for streaming, an adaptation of the fantasy "The Buried Giant" by the Nobel Prize-winning British writer Kazuo Ishiguro.
The 2015 novel tells the story of an elderly British couple, Axel and Beatrice, living in a fictional post-King Arthur era England in which no one is able to retain long-term memories. Guillermo Del Toro will not only direct, but also produce and write the screenplay and, along with Dennis Kelly, write the script.
As with Guillermo del Toro's Pinocchio, ShadowMachine Studios will handle production. Producer and one of Netflix's bosses Scott Stuber has spearheaded another major animated film directed by Guillermo Del Toro, who won an Oscar for directing the fantasy drama "The Shape of Water."
As a reminder, the filmmaker's 2022 production project, Guillermo Del Toro's Rarity Cabinet anthology, was released on Netflix.
Guillermo Del Toro on the upcoming animated film "The Buried Giant
The Buried Giant continues my animated partnership with Netflix and our commitment to using stop-motion as a means to tell complex stories and create boundless worlds. I am honored and deeply responsible to direct this script, which Dennis Kelly and I are adapting from the profound and imaginative novel by Kazuo Ishiguro," Guillermo Del Toro said in a statement.