Henry Cavill talks about the return of Superman

Henry Cavill talks about the return of Superman
Photo by Esteban Lopez / Unsplash

Actor Henry Cavill talks about what it's really like to be back as Superman, and the joy of reappearing as the Man of Steel.
Well, I was on the set of The Witcher series, and I got a call and said, "Hey, we're going to bring him back here, when can you do it?" I said, "I'm working six days a week, and I don't know when I'm going to be able to do it." They were like: "We have these dates." And I said: "Okay, I'll be there." We had to get permission from the creators of The Witcher, but it was so secret that we couldn't tell them exactly what was going on, so I just informed them, "There's one thing I have to do, can you forgive me for that." I don't know if anybody suspected or not, because there was a lot of talk at the time, too. So I went to Warner Bros. Studios in the UK, to a super-secret set. Everything was carefully guarded and hidden. And that's how I got the suit back on," Cavill said.
That was a big moment for me," he continued. "I wasn't too sure how it would feel, whether it would be cool to be in the suit again, or whether it would be something very emotionally binding. But it turned out to be incredibly important for me to just stand there and enjoy that moment. Yeah, it's one of the best moments of my career," the actor added.Henry Cavill's Superman
The actor has officially announced that he is returning to the role of the Man of Steel after the debut of the comic book adaptation of Black Adam. He didn't elaborate on his plans, only noting that there are some big projects, and audiences have only seen a small part of what's to come.