Heroine on "Last of Us" was criticized for her bodacious form.

Heroine on "Last of Us" was criticized for her bodacious form.
Photo by Mike C. Valdivia / Unsplash

Melanie Lynskey, who made her debut as Kansas City rebel leader Kathleen in the fourth episode of the post-apocalyptic HBO series "Alone With Us," responded to criticism about her character's appearance. After the episode aired, model and winner of the first season of "Top Model America," Adrianne Curry, referring to Melanie Lynskey, wrote on social media that "her body speaks of the luxurious life ... not a post-apocalyptic warlord." In a later deleted comment, Adrianne Curry also referenced the "Terminator" franchise, writing, "Where is Linda Hamilton when you need her so much?
This prompted Melanie Lynskey to post a screenshot of Adrienne Curry's tweet, which was below a photo of the actress from an InStyle magazine shoot. "First of all, this is a photo from my cover for InStyle magazine, not a shot from the HBO series 'One of Us,'" Melanie Lynskey wrote. - And I play the man who carefully planned and executed the overthrow of FEDRA. I'm supposed to be THE smart one, ma'am. I don't need to be muscular. That's what minions are for."
The actress, who also plays one of the lead roles in the drama "Hornets," later addressed a separate thread to "One of Us" co-creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann thanking them for inspiring her to bring to the screen a character specifically created for the show who was not necessarily "the coolest or toughest person," but who could offer the best ideas in the destructive world presented in the show.Adrianne Curry on Kathleen played by Melanie Lynskey
Although her original post was deleted, Adrienne Curry continued the discussion, explaining that she was not the one who posted the InStyle photo and that she did not intend to criticize Lynskey herself, but merely thought her casting for the character was implausible. "I say she has too soft a voice, she's short and lush for me to look at her as a warlord in a group of savage people in a post-apocalyptic social collapse," the model wrote in particular.