In the movie "John Wick 4" Keanu Reeves will show "car-fu"

In the movie "John Wick 4" Keanu Reeves will show "car-fu"
Photo by Hello I'm Nik / Unsplash

The action movie John Wick 4 will take car stunts to a new level, and the film's protagonist, played by popular Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves, will show a real kar-fu. This was told by director Chad Stahelski.
"We took these scenes to a whole new level, which I really like. We have 180-degree turns in forward and backward motion, and 270-degree turns, new types of drifting. Overall, it was really fun to get a chance to learn these skills and play around with them," he commented. According to Chad Stahelski, he doesn't know of any other stars in Hollywood who can match Keanu Reeves' driving skills.
I challenge you to find someone, any actor in Hollywood, and I mean all the big names, who can drive a car better than him. And if you do, I will throw down the gauntlet! You know who I'm talking about, and I bet Keanu can out-drive them all. Of course, no skydiving or base-jumping; in that area, I definitely won't be able to throw down the gauntlet. But in the car, he is amazing. And he shows his class not only on the set, but also in between filming," the director added.
John Wick 4 will be released on March 24, 2023.
Scott Rogers, assistant director and stunt coordinator for John Wick 4, said that Keanu Reeves started training nine months before filming to develop his driving skills. "According to Rogers, they worked on staging scenes based on the actor's strengths and abilities and "began to develop a way of shooting that would be more like a John Wick fight scene than a standard car episode."