Indiana Jones 5 star demands script change

Indiana Jones 5 star demands script change
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Shaunette Renee Wilson found some scenes 'provocative'
Shaunette Renee Wilson, the star of Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny, has demanded that changes be made to the script, as she found some scenes involving her to be "provocative and offensive". According to the actress, director James Mangold agreed to make the necessary changes.

"I was very impressed with a lot of the episodes but I also had my own thoughts and wanted to contribute to the story of my character in particular. And the genius of James Mangold was his ability to collaborate, so he listened to me, was very honest, and took what I said. Eventually the changes were made. It was a great part of that process to really be able to feel like you're a whole person and you have your own point of view when it comes to what's being offered," the actress shared.

When asked to clarify exactly what kind of edits she had suggested, Shaunette Renee Wilson replied, "Well, I don't want to spoil too much, but my character had a particular storyline. And at first I found it too offensive and a little bit challenging, and I thought, 'We probably don't need to say those words or do it that way.

How much did Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Destiny cost?
The production budget for the fifth Indiana Jones film was estimated at $295 million, making it the most expensive part of the franchise.