James Cameron called the Titanic movie half-true

James Cameron called the Titanic movie half-true
Photo by Mary J. Friedrich / Unsplash

The sinking scene of the Titanic ship in James Cameron's famous film was made only halfway right. Such a recognition was made by the director who spoke of his many years of experiments with physical models of the ship and computer simulations.
In Titanic, the bow of the ship was submerged after colliding with an iceberg, and when the sinking angle became serious, the weight of the ship caused it to break roughly in the middle, and the stern collapsed. As the two halves of the Titanic were still connected by structures, the sinking bow pulled the stern down so that it stood upright and then sank in this position.
The film Titanic showed what we thought was an accurate depiction of the last hours of the ship's life. We showed her sinking with her bow forward, lifting her stern high into the air before her enormous weight broke the ship in two. For the last 20 years I've been trying to figure out if we did it right. I can't tell you how it actually happened, but I wanted to be able to rule out other options because then I wouldn't have to remake this film!" joked James Cameron and admitted that the scene was "as accurate as he could make it at the time".
"We found out that the stern can indeed go down vertically and it can tilt back with a big splash, but it can't do both," Cameron noted.When will the Titanic movie be released again?
An updated version of the film in the most modern resolutions and formats will be presented to viewers on the eve of Valentine's Day - February 14, 2023. "Titanic has been pushed out of the top three of the highest-grossing film projects by James Cameron's Avatar 2: The Path of Water, but could return after the next box office run.