James Gunn responds to criticism about casting Marvel actors in DC projects.

James Gunn responds to criticism about casting Marvel actors in DC projects.
Photo by Azmathulla Shaik / Unsplash

James Gunn intends to stick to the principles he has developed over the years in choosing actors for his projects, no matter what films they have starred in before. The Guardians of the Galaxy director, known for his close relationship with the actors he works with, reacted to a comment on social media expressing hope that he will not be bringing Marvel actors into new DC films now that he and Peter Safran are preparing to usher in a new era of the DC Universe.
One fan on social media reached out to James Gunn and asked him not to "encourage" the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy to "follow" him into the DC Universe, suggesting he "find new actors who can create brilliant characters and immortalise them in viewers' memories".
To clarify the issue and give an insight into the casting process for the films he is working on, James Gunn replied as follows: "We have hundreds of roles to find actors for. As I've always done, some of them will be brand new faces, some will be actors I've worked with before and some will be actors I've never worked with before. The most important thing for me is that the actor fits the role and is easy to work with."
The final part of the trilogy, Guardians of the Galaxy. Parts 3" will be in theatres on May 5, 2023.
James Gunn's immediate plans for the new era of the DC Universe
Back in December 2022, James Gunn stated that Superman was a "huge priority" in the new era of the DC Universe. At the same time, he stressed that Henry Cavill would not be returning to the role of the Man of Steel, as the film would feature a younger version of the superhero. "In the early stages, our story will focus on an earlier part of Superman's life so the character won't be played by Henry Cavill," explained DC Studios' co-director. - But we've just had a great meeting with Henry and we're big fans, and we've talked about a number of interesting collaborations going forward. James Gunn has also hinted that he will be announcing some future plans for DC by the end of January 2023.