Jennifer Lopez Ends Marriage with Ben Affleck Due to 'Constant Negativity'

Jennifer Lopez Ends Marriage with Ben Affleck Due to 'Constant Negativity'
Photo by Ajala Kings / Unsplash

Jennifer Lopez, renowned actress and singer, has reportedly ended her marriage with Ben Affleck, citing his persistent complaints and negativity as the main reasons for the split. Sources close to the celebrity couple have revealed that Lopez grew tired of trying to salvage a relationship with a perpetually disgruntled husband.

Insiders claim that the 54-year-old Lopez decided to leave her 51-year-old spouse because he was "always grouchy and negatively oriented," reminiscent of Oscar the Grouch from "Sesame Street." Despite her disappointment over the dissolution of her marriage, Lopez is determined to make the most out of this challenging time. She has been focusing on her fitness, spending quality time with her twins, and making plans for 2025.

One of the key events for Lopez next year will be the resumption of her "This Is Me" tour, which she had postponed in 2024 to take time for personal recovery. "She is looking forward to the tour next year, where she can reconnect with her fans and enjoy the company of her team," a source mentioned.

Lopez has been notably upset about how the media has portrayed the situation, expressing shock at the coverage. Meanwhile, Affleck's demeanor has reportedly been too somber for Lopez's vibrant personality. "If people could see what she really went through, they would be more sympathetic. He smokes incessantly, swears frequently, and often appears irritable. Although he may be a great director and actor, he rarely lightens up, you know?" a close friend of Lopez commented.

This turn of events marks a significant chapter in Lopez's personal life, highlighting her resilience and forward-looking attitude even in the face of personal turmoil.