Joker director offered to oversee new DC film franchise

Joker director offered to oversee new DC film franchise
Photo by ali barzegarahmadi / Unsplash

The creator of "Joker" Todd Phillips will become the curator of a new film based on the DC Comics. Such an offer was made to the director by the head of Warner Bros. Discovery's David Zaslav. While Phillips has not yet been offered an official position, he will act as a consultant.
It is alleged that Zaslav seeks to create three separate verticals within the company subordinate to him, each of which will have its own leadership. One vertical, which will include studios Warner Bros. and New Line, will be controlled by Michael De Luca and Pamela Abbey, appointed the day before. The other two will be DC and the animation division. As part of the restructuring, DC Films president Walter Hamada will temporarily report directly to De Luca and Abby until new management can be found.
Sources say Zaslav consulted with Disney CEO Bob Eiger to get advice on managing several verticals and executive producers at the company. While Disney has Kevin Feigy overseeing the production of Marvel Comics movies and series, DC has no single governing center.
Recall that earlier the head of Warner Bros. Toby Emmerich. Under his leadership, the company made a number of risky investments and very unsuccessfully took part in the popularization of the streaming service HBO Max.