Chris Hemsworth to star in the third Tyler Reke film

Chris Hemsworth to star in the third Tyler Reke film
Photo by Rajab Guga / Unsplash

Netflix streaming service launches third series of action thriller starring Chris Hemworth
Streaming Netflix is launching a third film focusing on the adventures of mercenary Tyler Rake, played by Chris Hemsworth in the first two installments of the franchise.

Sam Hargrave, who directed the previous two instalments, will also direct. They focus on the secret operations of mercenary Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth). In the first film, which is based on a graphic novel by Andy Parks, the protagonist takes on a mission to rescue the son of an Indian crime boss, but it puts him on the brink of death.

The second series begins with Tyler recovering from his injuries, but then decides to take on another risky mission to save the family of a powerful Georgian gangster. The sequel features a 20-minute fight scene, shot in one shot without any editing splices.

When viewers will be introduced to the third installment has not yet been specified.