Lionsgate Reschedules The Crow Reboot and Saw XI, Introduces Halle Berry’s Never Let Go

Lionsgate Reschedules The Crow Reboot and Saw XI, Introduces Halle Berry’s Never Let Go
Photo by Anh Tuan To / Unsplash

In a strategic reshuffle of its upcoming film release schedule, Lionsgate has announced significant changes, including the delay of The Crow reboot to August and the postponement of Saw XI by a full year. This move shakes up the entertainment calendar and offers a glimpse into the studio’s plans for the next year, aligning with Lionsgate's pre-CinemaCon presentation adjustments.

The much-anticipated reboot of The Crow, initially slated for a June 7 release, will now premiere on August 23. This decision comes as a disappointment to fans eagerly awaiting the film, which is a modern reimagining of the iconic graphic novel by James O'Barr. Bill Skarsgård stars as Eric Draven, aka The Crow, in a tale of love, loss, and vengeance that has captivated audiences since the original story's conception. The shift in release date aims to give the film a strategic advantage in the late summer box office, a period known for its audience engagement and blockbuster performances.

Simultaneously, the horror franchise Saw is experiencing a significant delay with its eleventh installment, Saw XI, being pushed back from its original September 27, 2024, release date to September 26, 2025. The decision to delay Saw XI by a year underscores the challenges and strategic planning involved in film releases, especially for a franchise as long-standing and beloved as Saw. Despite the lack of detailed information on Saw XI, the franchise’s previous installment, Saw X, boasted a global revenue of $107 million against a modest budget of $13 million, highlighting its enduring popularity and the high expectations for the next chapter.

To fill the void left by Saw XI’s delay, Lionsgate is introducing Never Let Go, starring Halle Berry, in the originally planned September 2024 slot. Never Let Go presents a horror narrative where an Evil force threatens the world, and a mother, alongside her two sons, discovers that their home and their familial bond serve as their only protection. The plot thickens as they must remain physically connected to each other, even if by a mere rope, to stay safe from the encroaching danger. This unique storyline, combined with Berry’s star power, positions Never Let Go as a potentially compelling addition to the horror genre, offering a fresh take on themes of family and survival against a backdrop of supernatural terror.

Amid these major shifts, Lionsgate has also adjusted the release of The Best Christmas Pageant, moving it up from November 15 to November 8. Starring Judy Greer, Pete Holmes, Elizabeth Tabish, and Lauren Graham, the film is described as a heartwarming Christmas tale reminiscent of A Christmas Story. It narrates the story of the “worst kids in the history of the world,” who end up teaching their community the true meaning of Christmas, suggesting a blend of humor, mischief, and holiday spirit.

These changes in Lionsgate’s film slate reflect the studio’s adaptive strategies in a competitive entertainment landscape. By rescheduling The Crow reboot and Saw XI, and introducing Never Let Go, Lionsgate not only navigates the complexities of film distribution but also promises a diverse range of cinematic experiences to its audience. As fans adjust their calendars and anticipations, the studio’s lineup continues to generate buzz and speculation, underscoring the dynamic nature of film releases and the enduring appeal of both new and revisited narratives.