Lucasfilm head confirms cancellation of "Star Wars: Outcast Squadrons"

Lucasfilm head confirms cancellation of "Star Wars: Outcast Squadrons"
Photo by John Fowler / Unsplash

Lucasfilm Studios president Kathleen Kennedy has confirmed that a Star Wars spin-off from director Patty Jenkins called Star Wars: Outcast Squadron has been "sidelined" indefinitely.
We have a roadmap for feature films in this series. I can tell you for now that the story that Taika Waititi came up with fits in much better with it. As for "Outcast Squadron" this point, we've kind of moved away from that project. But Patty continues to develop the script. Going forward, we'll talk about how it might relate to the canon we're working on," she commented.
Recall that the first reports that filming of the previously announced film would not take place appeared in November 2021. Anonymous sources indicated as a reason for some creative differences. Jenkins herself repeatedly emphasized her strong interest in the project, for which she planned to draw inspiration "from the stories of her father, a fighter pilot." She claimed that she wanted to make "the greatest movie about fighter pilots ever made."
The film was due to start rolling in December 2023.