Max streaming subscribers encountered malfunctions on premiere day

Max streaming subscribers encountered malfunctions on premiere day
Photo by Radoslav Bali / Unsplash

Warner's streaming service has had serious technical problems
On the day of the premiere, a new combined streaming service called Max, which is owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, immediately encountered serious technical glitches.

On Tuesday morning, subscribers filled social media with comments and complaints about having trouble logging into Max, which was supposed to replace HBO Max. As users reported, both the official website and mobile apps, including the iOS platform, and the Roku and Samsung TV apps were inaccessible in many cases.

"You should always expect problems when introducing technology of this magnitude," said a Warner Bros. Discovery, commenting on the malfunctions. - We can state that there were only minor problems that are being fixed."

It is also alleged that Warner Bros. Discovery is actively monitoring customer reports of technical failures from "command posts" in several locations, including Bellevue, Washington, New York and London. "The entire team is on high alert," said Discovery CTO Avi Saxen.

Journalists following the Max streaming launch were less optimistic. "To its credit, the Max app is much faster, as it's crashing much faster than ever before," wrote WFAA Dallas morning news anchor Mark Istook.

Director Christopher Nolan called HBO Max the worst streaming service
The famous British director was extremely unhappy that his film and the film projects of many colleagues were released simultaneously at the box office and on the digital platform. This practice was followed by Warner management for a year. As a result, Christopher Nolan decided not to extend a multi-year collaboration with Warner Bros.