Michael Fassbender had an accident at Le Mans

Michael Fassbender had an accident at Le Mans
Photo by Ameya Sawant / Unsplash

The actor lost control and crashed the race car
Famous Hollywood actor Michael Fassbender was involved in an accident during the Le Mans 24-hour race in France. The Proton Competition team announced Sunday, noting, "We are devastated! The #911 car is no longer in the Le Man 24 race. A few minutes before the end of his stretch, Michael Fassbender lost control of his car and crashed into a barrier with no chance to repair the damage."

The 46-year-old actor had fifteen minutes left of his six-hour segment of the race when he failed to control and his car crashed into a barrier on a section of the race track known as the "Porsche corners."

Note that Michael Fassbender took part in the iconic French endurance race for the second time. He made his debut at the event in 2019, where the Proton Competition placed 51st out of 62 teams.

The two-time Oscar nominee crashed his car twice during that race. He was also involved in another collision in one of the qualifying rounds.

How did Michael Fassbender get into Le Mans racing?
The actor admitted that he "always wanted to drive" cars. "I wasn't really interested in bicycles. All I wanted was one of those little pedal karts. I was always obsessed with cars," he said. Michael Fassbender had been preparing for an epic race for several years before he officially entered the competition.