Monica Bellucci to play in a sequel to Beetlejuice

Monica Bellucci to play in a sequel to Beetlejuice

The popular Italian actress will play the role of the ghost's wife.
In the cast of the sequel to the movie "Beetlejuice" was a significant addition. He joined popular Italian actress Monica Bellucci. It is alleged that she was destined for the role of wife Beetlejuice.

This is an interesting twist, because you can imagine that the woman who tamed the ghost, in itself is a supernatural being, or, being quite alive, has a gift of some kind.

Earlier it was reported that Michael Keaton is returning to play Beetlejuice, and Tim Burton will once again take the director's chair. The composer of the original film, Danny Elfman, is going to take over the soundtrack. Actress Jenna Ortega will play the role of Lydia Dietz's daughter, Winona Ryder will return as Lydia, and Catherine O'Hara will play Lydia's stepmother Delia.

Warner Bros. Studios has already booked a release date for "Beetlejuice 2." It will be presented to viewers on September 5, 2024.

What is the movie "Beetlejuice" about?
In the original film, a couple named Adam and Barbara die unexpectedly and find themselves haunted, trapped in their picturesque house. This house is bought by several eccentric New York yuppies, including future artist Delia Dietz, Delia's stepdaughter Lydia (a moody goth girl and the only one who can see Adam and Barb's ghosts). To drive Dietz out of their home, Adam and Barb turn to a ghostly "bio-exorcist" named Beetlejuice.

Monica Bellucci's best movies.

The actress is known worldwide for Italian and French films such as "Malena" and "Brotherhood of the Wolf." In the U.S., she has taken part in a variety of productions, from the sci-fi film "The Matrix" to "The Passion of the Christ" and the James Bond film "007: Spectre"