Jennifer Lopez will secure her assets from Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez will secure her assets from Ben Affleck.
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The actress intends to force her spouse to sign a "post-nuptial agreement"
Jennifer Lopez is actively consulting with lawyers amid increasingly persistent rumours of her impending divorce from Ben Affleck. It is claimed that the actress intends to seek the signing of a "post-nuptial agreement" that will secure her impressive assets.

It is reported that the singer and actress has already taken proactive steps by contacting her lawyers to prepare for an unfavourable development in her married life. She has plenty of experience in divorce proceedings, as Ben Affleck has become her third husband.

Anonymous informants note that Ben Affleck himself supported his wife's initiatives, stating that he currently wants "space and peace of mind". Allegedly, he is ready to sign anything, as long as Jennifer Lopez would be satisfied, as he is exhausted with quarrels.

As a result, lawyers have drawn up a contract that stipulates a fair distribution of assets in the event of the dissolution of the marriage.

What is the state of Ben Affleck
The assets of the former Batman are much more modest than those of his current spouse. Ben Affleck's fortune is estimated at $ 200 million, while Jennifer Lopez is "worth" more than $ 400 million. This clearly shows who is more interested in protecting their wealth.