Netflix Greenlights Sequel to Kaiju Hit "Troll," Filming Set for 2024

Netflix Greenlights Sequel to Kaiju Hit "Troll," Filming Set for 2024
Photo by Sean Foster / Unsplash

It's official: The monster that captured the world's attention is coming back for more. After the runaway success of its original kaiju film, "Troll," Netflix has announced a sequel that is set to start shooting in 2024. The first film's creators, Thomas Horn and Eric Sinkerud, expressed excitement about revisiting the world they created and taking the story to new heights.

The Success Story

The original "Troll" movie was a massive hit, not just on Netflix but also among critics and fans alike. Its unique take on the kaiju genre, which traditionally includes iconic creatures like Godzilla and Mothra, gave it a freshness that audiences found irresistible. According to sources, the film's success made it an easy decision for Netflix to greenlight a sequel. The original movie skillfully blended Norwegian mythology and modern-day challenges, offering a narrative rich in both action and emotional beats.

Creative Minds Return

Horn and Sinkerud are slated to return as the driving creative forces behind the sequel. In statements, they have said that they're thrilled about the opportunity to revisit the universe they've built, and promise that the sequel will be even more thrilling than its predecessor. With the original team back on board, expectations are high that the sequel will not just rehash the original's story but will add new elements and twists to keep audiences engaged.

A Cult Following

One of the most remarkable aspects of the original "Troll" film is how quickly it gathered a devoted fan base. Online communities have been rife with fan theories, artwork, and discussions about the deeper themes of the movie. This kind of engagement is often a key indicator of a film's longevity and potential for sequels. The announcement of "Troll 2" has sent waves of excitement through these communities, proving that the appetite for more monster mayhem is strong.

What to Expect

While details about the plot are still under wraps, there's speculation that the sequel will delve deeper into Norwegian folklore, perhaps introducing new creatures and challenges for the characters. Given the first film's nuanced approach to blending mythology with contemporary issues like environmentalism and cultural preservation, it's likely that the sequel will continue to explore thematic depths, rather than merely serving up another creature-feature.

Filming and Release Dates

The project is still in its early stages, with production slated to begin in 2024. While no official release date has been set, anticipation is already building. If the sequel follows the successful formula of the original, audiences can likely expect a release within a year of the start of filming, placing it tentatively in 2025 or beyond.

Casting News

Though casting details have yet to be confirmed, it's widely expected that key characters from the first film will return for the sequel. The original cast had been praised for their performances, lending an emotional weight to a genre that often focuses on spectacle over storytelling.


All in all, the sequel to "Troll" promises to be an event that fans of the original and newcomers alike won't want to miss. With the creative team back in place and a fan base eagerly awaiting the next chapter, all signs point to another smash hit. As streaming services continue to push for original content that can stand up to big-screen blockbusters, Netflix's investment in "Troll 2" could be seen as a confident move that reinforces their commitment to quality storytelling and high-stakes drama. And if the sequel is anything like the original, viewers are in for another unforgettable ride.