Netflix Secures New Series "Calabasas" with Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts, Joining Forces with "Pretty Little Liars" Creator I. Marlene King

Netflix Secures New Series "Calabasas" with Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts, Joining Forces with "Pretty Little Liars" Creator I. Marlene King
Photo by Haberdoedas / Unsplash

Netflix has recently expanded its array of star-studded series by securing the rights to "Calabasas," a new project featuring an impressive collaboration between Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts, and I. Marlene King, the creative force behind "Pretty Little Liars." According to a report from Deadline, this dynamic trio will bring a unique blend of talent to the upcoming series, promising to captivate audiences with its intriguing plot and stellar cast.

An Intriguing Story Adapted from Via Bleidner’s Book

"Calabasas" draws its inspiration from Via Bleidner’s novel, If You Lived Here You’d Be Famous by Now. The series will follow the life of a 16-year-old girl who experiences a culture shock when she transfers from a sheltered Catholic school to the more secular and sophisticated environment of Calabasas High. This narrative promises to explore themes of identity, fame, and the contrasts between different social settings.

A Reunion for Kardashian and Roberts

"Calabasas" marks a notable reunion for Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts, who previously shared the screen in the 12th season of "American Horror Story," subtitled "Delicate." In this season, Roberts portrayed A-list actress Anna Alcott, grappling with mysterious forces sabotaging her efforts to conceive. Kardashian played Siobhan, Anna’s ruthless publicist, adding a layer of intensity to the plot. Their chemistry on "American Horror Story" suggests that their collaboration in "Calabasas" will be equally compelling.

Multi-Faceted Roles for the Stars

In addition to starring in the series, Kim Kardashian and Emma Roberts will also serve as executive producers, alongside I. Marlene King. King is not only involved in production but will also pen the script and oversee the series as showrunner, ensuring that "Calabasas" maintains a cohesive and engaging narrative throughout.

Kim Kardashian’s Expanding Portfolio

Beyond "Calabasas," Kim Kardashian is set to star in another upcoming Netflix comedy, "The Fifth Wheel," where she will portray the eponymous character amidst a female-driven ensemble. Furthermore, she continues to build her presence in both scripted and reality television. Recently, it was announced that Kardashian will star in and executive produce a documentary series about the life of Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor, titled "Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar," which will air on BBC Two and iPlayer.

Kardashian will also return to the screen with her family for the fifth season of "The Kardashians," set to premiere on May 23 on Disney+. This season is anticipated to document more of the Kardashian-Jenner family's adventures and entrepreneurial endeavors, maintaining the family’s signature blend of personal drama and professional triumphs.

Availability and Premier Dates

Fans of the Kardashians can catch up on previous seasons of "The Kardashians," currently available on Disney+. With the fifth season just around the corner, anticipation is building for what the new episodes will reveal about the famous family’s latest developments.

"Calabasas" adds to Netflix's robust lineup of original content, promising to offer viewers an engaging mix of drama, celebrity culture, and the unique flair that only a team like Kardashian, Roberts, and King can deliver. As viewers await the premiere dates, the buzz around this series is a clear indication of the continuing appeal of celebrity-driven narratives in today’s entertainment landscape.