Netflix to film a thriller based on the manga "Burn the House Down"

Netflix to film a thriller based on the manga "Burn the House Down"
Photo by Venti Views / Unsplash

Netflix is launching a Japanese TV series, an adaptation of the detective thriller based on the popular manga "Burn the House Down. The original manga by artist Moyashi Fujisawa, first published in Kiss magazine in 2017, was an instant hit.
The Netflix series, like the manga, will tell the story of Anzu Murata, a young woman who infiltrates the home of the wealthy Mitarai family as a housekeeper to reclaim the life that has been taken from her. She must uncover the secret of a terrible fire that occurred 13 years ago. She is greeted at the house by Mr. Mitarai's beautiful and impeccable second wife, Makiko.
Anzu Murata will be played by popular Japanese actress Mei Nagano, and "veteran" Japanese film director Keka Suzuki will play the role of Makiko Mitarai.
Yuichiro Hirakawa was given the position of series director, and screenwriter Arisa Kaneko prepared the adaptation. Netflix plans to release "Burn Down the House" in 2023.
The series "Burn the House Down" will join a growing list of original Japanese-language series on Netflix. Japan represents important territory for streaming platforms. According to a report by research firm Media Partners Asia, there were 48.4 million video content subscribers in Japan at the end of the first quarter of 2022, with Amazon Prime accounting for 34 percent of the total, followed by Netflix at 14 percent and Hulu Japan at six percent.