Netflix will open a restaurant and start selling food

Netflix will open a restaurant and start selling food
Photo by DCL "650" / Unsplash

Netflix streaming subscribers will be able to sample dishes from popular shows
Netflix streaming service Netflix will try to break into an unusual market - the restaurant market - by opening its first eatery called Netflix Bites, where fans can sample dishes from their favorite shows.

"Bringing my love of food to people around the world is one of the most exciting adventures of my life, this screen-to-table experience, allowing fans to get a taste of what's happening in front of the camera, is amazing. Putting together such talented chefs and mixologists ensures that there is something for everyone, and I'm insanely excited to have my team at Curtis Stone Events involved in bringing this project to life," commented Curtis Stone, a Michelin-starred chef.

"With Netflix Bites, we're creating an in-person experience where fans can immerse themselves in their favorite shows. We're excited to partner with these incredible chefs who will bring this vision to life and present many delicious menus," added Josh Simon, Netflix's vice president of consumer products.

The first restaurant will open in Los Angeles as early as June 30, 2023. Prospects for expansion into a chain are not yet under discussion.

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