Participants in Netflix's 'Squid Game' show have complained of abuse

Participants in Netflix's 'Squid Game' show have complained of abuse
Photo by Vadim Bogulov / Unsplash

Participants in the filming of the new reality show Squid Game, launched by streaming service Netflix, have complained about its excessive cruelty.
The ambitious project managed to find 456 contestants ready to compete for the $4.56 million prize, giving the show the right to boast the biggest line-up of contenders and cash prize in television history. But barely after the first day of filming was over, reports began trickling in to the press that the production "turned out to be a complete disaster".
It was just the most brutal thing I've ever been through," said one of the eliminated players. - It was like we were racehorses and they treated us like animals."
All the torment and injuries we experienced were not caused by the game or the severity of the rules," adds another former participant. - It was incompetence on an unbelievable scale - they just tried to bite off more than they could swallow."
It is alleged that participants in the Squid Game were forced to undergo the Red Light, Green Light challenge in inhumane conditions, spending up to nine hours in an icy airport hangar, unable to move for 30 minutes. All the victims asked not to be named, citing non-disclosure agreements that threatened heavy fines.
Netflix said that only three had sought medical attention due to "minor problems", but that overall the production of the show was safe.