Paul Greengrass to Direct ‘Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421’ for Warner Bros.

Paul Greengrass to Direct ‘Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421’ for Warner Bros.
Photo by BAYLEIGH OLSON / Unsplash


  • Introduce the news of Paul Greengrass being hired by Warner Bros. to adapt, direct, and produce T.J. Newman's novel.
  • Briefly mention the financial details of the deal.

Background on Paul Greengrass

  • Overview of Greengrass’s career, highlighting his distinctive directorial style.
  • Mention of his past successful projects, especially those relevant to this new project.

Overview of T.J. Newman and the Novel

  • T.J. Newman's transition from a flight attendant to a bestselling author.
  • Synopsis of 'Drowning: The Rescue of Flight 1421' and its critical reception.

The Deal and Its Significance

  • Detailed look at the bidding war for the novel’s film rights.
  • Analysis of the deal's significance for Warner Bros., Newman, and Greengrass.

Details of the Film Project

  • Information on the adaptation process.
  • Insights into the production timeline and potential casting choices.

Industry Context

  • Place this deal in the context of recent trends in Hollywood.
  • Compare this project to other adaptations and similar genres.

Potential Impact and Expectations

  • Discuss the potential impact of the film on audiences and the box office.
  • Expectations from Greengrass based on his previous works.


  • Sum up the potential of the film and its anticipated reception.
  • Final thoughts on the collaboration between Greengrass and Warner Bros.