Predator actor in "The Prey" is named

Predator actor in "The Prey" is named
Photo by C. SHII / Unsplash

The creators of the sci-fi action movie "Prey," which continues the story of the confrontation between humans and Predators, named the performer of the alien hunter. It became an actor Dane Deliego, who previously took part in such popular series like "The Walking Dead" and "American Horror Story".
Note that because of the large amount of cumbersome makeup and lack of dialogue, Predator role performers are usually chosen based on their physical form. Thus, the original Predator in the 1987 film was played by Kevin Peter Hall, who was over two meters tall.
In this sense, Diliego is an ideal candidate, as he has outstanding data - 205.5 centimeters tall and 112 kilograms in weight. Also, the actor has skills, which clearly could have helped him in entering the image of the Predator. Living in Italy, he is learning from a famous butcher carcass carving skills, as his longtime hobby is the culinary arts.
Recall that the action film "The Prey" takes place in the past, and in the center of the plot will be a representative of the American Indian tribe. It was she who will lead her tribesmen in battle against the Predator, who arrived for the next trophies.