Production status of the "Third Man Overwhelmed" prequel has been clarified

Production status of the "Third Man Overwhelmed" prequel has been clarified
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Production of the TV series "Ted", which will be a prequel to the "Third Man" dilation, will begin in the very near future. This was announced by the creator of the famous comedy films and their director Seth MacFarlane.
Mark Wahlberg, the comedy star will not take part in the upcoming series as John Bennett, and as for McFarlane, he will again voice a bear who loves to play pranks. The series "Ted" will be about the beginnings of a friendship between John and his teddy bear companion. The action will unfold in the early '90s and, according to McFarlane, the show will show what led John to the burnout and apathy he is in at the beginning of the first film. McFarlane acknowledged that adapting "The Third Extra" for the television format was a difficult process, but he believes he eventually pulled it off. McFarlane also stressed that, given the visual effects work, post-production of the show would be a monumental task.
You can handle production very quickly, but you're still kind of dependent on six to eight months to complete CGI... That's what happened with "Orville" - incredibly extensive post-production work. The show just aired, and I feel like we finished shooting a long time ago," the director, writer and producer said in particular.
The Odd One Out" and "The Odd One Out 2
"The Third Extra" was a box office hit in 2012 and received several nominations from the film community, including an Oscar nomination for Best Song. In 2015, a sequel, "The Third Extra 2," was released. In the summer of 2021, streaming service Peacock announced its intention to make a television prequel based on the feature-length dilogy. The young version of John Bennett in it will be played by Max Burkholder.