Returning movie stars haven't saved the Golden Globes ceremony.

Returning movie stars haven't saved the Golden Globes ceremony.
Photo by John Moeses Bauan / Unsplash

The return of many Hollywood celebrities to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe Awards 2023 has not helped the show's popularity.
As the statistics show, its ratings plummeted by an immediate 26 per cent and the number of viewers dropped by nine per cent.
Recall that at the Golden Globe 2023 ceremony, which was again held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, ABC's Abbott Elementary School and HBO's Dragon House and White Lotus won top TV awards, while Universal's The Fabelmans and Searchlight's Banshee Inisherina were honoured in the film categories.
In addition, Golden Globe winner and six-time nominee Eddie Murphy received an Honorable Mention Award for 2023 and five-time Golden Globe winner and 16-time nominee Ryan Murphy received the Carol Burnett Award.
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association lost NBC as a broadcast partner for the 2022 show following a report detailing new allegations of questionable financial practices within the small, isolated organisation, as well as negligible racial and other diversity (including a complete lack of members of colour). Because of this, the HFPA held the 2022 Golden Globes ceremony as a private party without any nominees.
The Golden Globe Awards
Awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Previously, it was considered the second most important award in the American film industry and broadcasts of the ceremony were very popular with viewers. However, after a series of scandals and revelations, the status of the show has changed significantly. Some stars even returned their awards to the organisers.