Richard Gere hospitalised with pneumonia in Mexico

Richard Gere hospitalised with pneumonia in Mexico
Photo by CDC / Unsplash

Famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere has been rushed to hospital in Mexico, where he was on holiday with his family. Doctors diagnosed the actor with pneumonia.
It is alleged that Richard Gere has had a bad cough before the trip, but he and his wife Alejandra Silva decided not to postpone the trip. However, in Mexico, the actor has become so bad that he had to seek help and go to the clinic, where he was diagnosed.
Richard Gere was prescribed a course of antibiotics, he will continue treatment at the villa, which was rented at the time of the holiday.
It is noteworthy that Alejandra Silva, whose 40th birthday was planned to celebrate in Mexico, in one of her posts on social networks, hinted at a certain illness, which, apparently, and caused the hospitalization of her husband. She had earlier said that all family members had been sick for three weeks. "Thank you all for the birthday greetings ... After almost 3 weeks of everyone in our family being sick, today I am finally feeling much better," she wrote a few days before the dramatic events.
Representatives for Richard Gere have so far declined to comment on his health and treatment prospects.
Who is Richard Gere?
A popular Hollywood actor who peaked his career in the 1980s and 1990s. His best known role was as the millionaire in the melodrama Pretty Woman, in which he starred with Julia Roberts. Richard Gere has won a number of prestigious awards, including a Golden Globe.