Ridley Scott will direct a crime series starring Brian Tyree Henry

Ridley Scott will direct a crime series starring Brian Tyree Henry
Photo by Moritz Kindler / Unsplash

Apple TV+ is heading to Philadelphia to shoot its next crime series and has enlisted the support of major players such as Ridley Scott, who is set to direct. For Scott, the crime drama "Sinking Spring" will be the next television project after the sci-fi series "Raised by Wolves," on which he worked with HBO as a producer and director for two seasons.
Peter Craig, co-writer of the hit 2022 summer box office film Top Gun: Maverick, which has grossed over $1.3 billion at the worldwide box office as of this writing, is writing the script for the upcoming series. In addition to "Top Gun: Maverick," Craig participated in writing the script for another high-profile feature film project, Matt Reeves' "Batman" comic book. Craig is joined by Ridley Scott in working on the long-awaited sequel to the famous "Gladiator," "Gladiator 2."
The series, "Sinking Spring," which is based on Dennis Tafoy's novel "Dope Thief," tells the story of longtime criminal friends from Philadelphia who pose as drug enforcement agents. On a tip-off, they plan to rob a house in the countryside, but their petty con turns into a race for survival as they unwittingly uncover the existence of the largest hidden drug corridor on the East Coast. Production will be handled by Scott Free Productions Studios.
The lead role in the Apple TV+ project will be played by "Atlanta" comedy series star Brian Tyree Henry. Henry's recent feature projects include Godzilla vs. Kong, Forever and Faster Than a Bullet.