Robert De Niro has accused Apple of censorship

Robert De Niro has accused Apple of censorship
Photo by Laurenz Heymann / Unsplash


  • Overview of the incident at the Gotham Awards involving Robert De Niro's speech.
  • Brief introduction to De Niro's intended speech against Donald Trump and the subsequent alteration by Apple.


  • Information about Robert De Niro, his career, and his known political views.
  • Description of the Gotham Awards and their significance in the film industry.
  • Brief introduction to the movie “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

The Planned Speech

  • Details of De Niro’s original speech targeting Donald Trump.
  • The significance of De Niro’s political stance in the context of the film industry and American politics.

Alteration of the Speech

  • The role of Apple, the film’s producer, in altering the speech.
  • How and when the changes were made (details about the teleprompter incident, the email from Apple employees).
  • Reactions from the teleprompter operator and other staff at the event.

De Niro’s Response

  • Description of De Niro discovering the changes and his immediate reaction.
  • Details of De Niro’s criticism of the Gotham Awards and Apple during the event.
  • The content of the speech De Niro read from his phone.

Industry and Public Reaction

  • Responses from film industry professionals, political commentators, and the public.
  • Statements from Apple and the filmmaking team.
  • Analysis of the impact of this incident on the relationship between artists and corporate entities in the film industry.

Broader Implications

  • Discussion of censorship and artistic freedom in Hollywood.
  • The role of corporate interests in shaping public discourse.
  • The impact of such incidents on the reputation of involved parties (De Niro, Apple, Gotham Awards).


  • Summarize the main points of the incident.
  • Reflect on the ongoing dialogue about freedom of expression versus corporate control in the entertainment industry.