Sharon Stone lost custody of her son because of the movie "Basic Instinct".

Sharon Stone lost custody of her son because of the movie "Basic Instinct".
Photo by Artur Voznenko / Unsplash

The leading role in the erotic thriller "Basic Instinct" made Sharon Stone famous all over the world, but caused great damage to her personal life. The actress admitted that after the movie she lost custody of her child during the trial with her ex-husband.
"The judge asked my child, my tiny boy: 'Did you know that your mother starred in erotic movies?' Obvious abuse from the system, because for some reason it was thought that you could judge what kind of parent a person is by what movies he starred in," Sharon Stone said.
The actress noted that Catherine Tramell's role was a challenge at the time, but nowadays it is almost harmless compared to the way sex is portrayed in movies and on television. "Now on regular TV shows people go around with no clothes at all, and you saw maybe a sixteenth of a second of my nudity, and I lost custody of my child as a result," Sharon Stone added.
As a mother of three, she admitted that the experience literally broke her heart. "I ended up in the clinic. I was diagnosed with extra heartbeats in the upper and lower chambers of my heart," she said.What is the most famous scene in the movie "Basic Instinct"?
By far the most popular was the interrogation scene of Sharon Stone's character when she flips her leg over, showing the assembled police officers that she is not wearing underwear. This scene was later parodied many times.