"Shazam 2!" got one of the worst ratings of the DC film universe.

"Shazam 2!" got one of the worst ratings of the DC film universe.
Photo by Winston Tjia / Unsplash

Shazam 2: The Fury of the Gods" did not generate much enthusiasm among western film critics who saw it. The film adaptation's rating, as recorded by Rotten Tomatoes, was one of the worst of any project in the DC Cinematic Universe, at just 66 percent at the time of this post's publication. With a downward trend.
The best parts of this movie are drowned out by pointless CGI monsters and tedious action scenes," says The Wrap's William Bibbiani.
It barely retains the remnants of the good vibes and talented cast of its far more accomplished predecessor," noted Matt Singer of Screen Crush.
'Cluttered and unfunny, it sounds like a funeral bell for the current movie universe,' wrote Nick Shager of The Daily Beast.
"Between an episode that looks like a straightforward Skittles commercial and an odd attempt to focus on another character, 'Fury of the Gods' is likely to make you roll your eyes more often than applaud or laugh," opines Rose Boneim of Coliider.
This project largely lacks the appeal of its predecessor. "While the film features elaborate sets, colorful villains expected of the comic book movie genre, the magic required in such cases is missing," summarized Frank Shack of The Hollywood Reporter.Will there be a Shazam 3!
Whether "Shazam 3!" will happen remains to be seen, as the DC franchise is currently in a transitional phase. Following DC Studios' November 2022 relaunch, studio executives James Gunn and Peter Safran have announced their plans for a new DC universe that will launch with "Superman: Legacy" in 2025. But before that, the rest of the DC films that got the green light from previous management still need to be released, including The Flash, Aquaman 2 and others.